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This community is for local NJ artists/musicians who have all this creativity and all these great ideas brewing inside, but with no one to share their musical visions and escapades. Let's all be alone together...then we won't be alone anymore!
Yes, it is a closed community, but I'll grant membership to ALMOST anybody, so don't hesitate to apply. You'll most likely get in.

if you do care to join, here's how the community works:

this is a community to help incomplete music people find other incomplete music people so that we may make one another complete.

we only share what's going on in our musical lives (when writing in the community, though feel free to make friends, bond, and do whatever outside of it).

I need to know in what county you live (will not be shared without your consent)

You have to stay active in the community (if you go dormant for more than a month, I'll take you off, but you may rejoin at any time)

don't ask me community questions or make community comments in my personal livejournal (though you're more than welcome to read and
comment there if you'd like...just on stuff contained therein)

if you have any questions, just let me know

when you e-mail me back, I'll make you a member

however, I MUST STRESS, you must E-MAIL me.