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..if i cant dance, its not my revolution..

hey, i'm amy. singer/songwriter/musician. i'm 18 and go to rutgers so i spend my weeks up in new brunswick, but usually come home to hamilton (trenton/princeton area)on the weekends. i do too much for my own good: guitar, bass, piano, viola, trumpet, vox...i'm sure i could pick something else up too..i'm a music nerd. my musical tastes run all over the place from punk, emo, indie and the like to classical and jazz..and i must admit i'm a sucker for harmonies and catchy melodies. i had a few bands in high school, nothing spectacular. i've just been doing a lot of solo acoustic stuff lately because there's no one to play with. i've also been in a classical quartet since i was 11, and i must say, we're quite good. so if anyone wants to add strings to a recording or anything, we're available. i guess that's all there is to say right now. bye bye.
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Oh my god, Amy {head down in hand}. We so have to get together and play sometime. Where can I hear your music? You sound way too much like me (minus the classically trained bit). I'm down in the Red Bank area. Let me know what's up, 'cause I def. want to hear your stuff.

C Ya,
unfortunately, the only recordings i have are an (awful) audition tape from my old band and a few acoustic tapes from high school talent shows.

we should definitely try to work something out. send me an IM at myfriendaurora. lata g.

the band


May 31 2003, 08:56:07 UTC 14 years ago

hey my name is anthony i play guitar and im interested in starting a band i live in central nj and i own a email is thanks!!