Jenn (strawberry4785) wrote in pinheadnation,

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First Post (& I'm following eric's format =D)

Hey, I'm Jenn. I can't play any instruments (yet) but I'm working on that. But I can sing really good. I really don't fall into any category. I'm a mix of everything (except preppy). Eventhough I must confess I am a cheerleader (don't hate me). I'm not like your usual cheerleader. My friend Jack calls me his hardcore cheerleader. (sorry digression) I wish I was in a band. All my friends are in bands, well all my guy friends that is. I really love music. I can't live without it. And I guess as of right now my favorite band would have to be my 2 friends bands.... here's their links if you want to check them out. The Venice! and my other friends band CAMREN!

I guess that's all. I'm out til for now.

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