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so i know that no one has updated this shizzle for awhile, but i'm hoping some people come around every now and then to look. you see, i need a band or i'm going to explode (with frustration). i need a lead guitar, bass, would be ideal if at least one had the ability to sing harmonies. all kinds of musical background are encouraged, i like to mix things up a bit. i'm at all new brunswick area people are welcome. but i also spend a great deal of time at home in hamilton..trenton/princeton..well, if you're in the hamilton area, you'd know it. if you're interested, leave a comment or email me at
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Hi, I'm new...I'm from Bergen County and I play guitar and write songs. I hope to start a band because I'm really serious about music, it's what I actually want to do professionally. But so far I don't have anyone to play with and I need a new guitar because mine sucks.
Good night.
bloody valentine

Sorry guys

Hey guys sorry I've been a sucky member around here. I'm really having a hard time with this whole I'm going to college next year thing. I can't grasp that.

But anywho....

I went to see NFG, Finch, Something Corporate & Further Seems Forever yesterday. Let me just tell you it was AMAZING! I had a blast. I took a few hits to the head but that's ok. But the part that sucked was that I got a speeding ticket on the way home. I'm in big trouble.

But that's about it really.

You guys all suck!

Okay, accept for Allie and Amy, you're all a huge fuckin' dissapointment! Blargh! Why do I bother? Y'know, I try to make something for you guys to have and enjoy, and use...and you all just suck! Stop sucking! Can you turn it off? Nobody posts and nobody comments and nobody spreads the fuckin' word! I'm gonna start administering donkey-slaps if this bull-shit keeps up!

C Ya,
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We're gonna rock igneous baby.

I noticed no one has said anything on here for awhile so I decided to post something! I am in science class right now and i'm the only one in here. creepy. the only person here is this sub with a crazy mullet. and i have to listen to the news becuase my CD player ran out of batteries, and i was listening to Rilo Kiley's new CD too. damn.
anyway. so, to get things pumpin in here, what's everyone's all time favorite song? I'm talking like, this song has some killer lyrics and the music is amazing and everytime you hear it you go in your own little world.
I'll post mine later, class is almost over and i gotta go!

rock it
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Hey all, I know that I've got some stiff competition, what with RBF being at the Birch Hill tomorrow night, but I do have a show (hell, I'd almost rather be at the RBF show). My show is at the Internet Cafe, in Red Bank, NJ (of course). It's at 1 W. Front St, on the corner of W. Front and Broad. The door is only two bucks ($2)!!! I'm planning on plowing through somewheres near 25 songs (11 from my album, 9 other originals, and 5 covers), so you don't to miss this (especially if you were at the last show, and loved a particular song...'cause I'm playing all of those and more tomorrow night!). So, I hope that I may see some of you there, supporting and representing.

C Ya,
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