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mother of god...


i'm back!!

what the hell happened here?

everyone died, including me!

anyway, how are y'all?!
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and so this is a little too late but oh well. I'm not a memeber but I do live in Jersey and yeh, I bet everyone here is just as dead.
Hey-- just letting you know (or reminding you) of a very very awesome show ( a band called Petroline) that will be happening THIS sunday (April 3rd) at 4 o'clock
It will be held at Whiskey Dix (which is right next to the Electric factory in Phili) and will be general admission (all ages)

so -- you definately should come... they are really good-- and bringa freind or two.
it will only be about 8 bucks to get in...

if you wanna check them out-- hit up their soundclick and get a taste of that-- i would recommend the real deal tho-- for the full experience.

Dont forget-- if you go-- make sure to let them know you are coming to see PETROLINE!!!
that would be much appreciated! :-D

well i hope to see ya there!
classifieds ( are a good way to promote a band