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looking for experience

hey all. nichole (almost) 20 from central nj, right by RU (i dont go there though). i cant play any instruments, and i cant sing even though i like to think i can. one day, hopefully i wanna go all the band managing and all that stuff. the problem is, i need experience. looking for any type of band (my faves are punk,emo, rock, etc) who has a manager/or needs one. something like that. i just want to learn the ropes I guess. I'm totally dedicated to whatever i do so i wouldnt slack off. if you want to talk to me some more, IM me at Dazed1208. thaaaanks.
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Hey Nichole. If you really want to do some work, I could always use the help. I've had a rolling staff for the last seven or eight years, but by this age, many of them are away at school most of the year, or getting married, having babies, or starting to persue projects of their own. I've always got stuff that needs to be done. It doesn't pay, but it's great experience (and I'm a music business major, so I can give you pointers along the way). Just puttin' it out there. It's up to you.

C Ya,