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hello children

yes, hello. i'm Lisa and uhm...i just..joined. 'cause i'm cool like that =)

i would be described "emo" even though i'm also described as "void of emotion" but, hey, what are labels for, eh? i live in Monmouth County- Marlboro to be exact. at the end of the school year, i'm moving to PA, but that's in a few months, so i'll join anyway.

let's see...i like bands such as Thursday, Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Finch, LostProphets, Linkin Park, Coal Chamber, Dieradiodie, Chevelle, Taproot, Coheed and Cambria, 30 Seconds to Mars, TRUSTcompany, Cursive, Nada Surf, Boys Night Out, The Faint, uhm...and stuff like that. my music interest is really wide variety. i also like Techno.

i play guitar and i'm not in a band. i'm also 14, which is, well, young...i guess. but age does not matter, does it? heh..okay. so...hi. and all that good stuff.
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